Monday, May 23, 2011

❤How about some Jillibean Soup❤

I am a hugh fan of Jillbean Soup
I can't get enough...
I hope you was fun to make

so what do you think??
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  1. I love Jillibean Soup, too, and I love your JBS card! Cute design and cute papers.

  2. Well Annette, I must say you are introducing me to Jillibean Soup. I have no prior knowledge. lol And I thought as a craft consumer that I would have a least a little knowledge of all/most craft products. : ) I think your card is sweet. I love the sentiment and your different lovely assortment of hearts. I am definitely a "hearts and flowers" type of girl. Thank you for my blog visit and your sweet comment.

  3. I love Jillibean Soup too! I was at their booth last month at the Mega Meet in Novi, Michigan and they had the most fantastic wreath made of empty wooden thread spools wrapped in strips of their paper.


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