Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Giving Thanks Giveaway...

Because you all are so Awesome!!
I am doing a small giveaway.. I just got some twine in the mail yesterday and was thinking WOW that is a lot of twine... But I use it on almost all of my cards.  I thought why not share.  So included is Twinery Twine, a stamp set from Jillibean Soup and one Stampendous Cling rubber stamp..

  • Comment below and tell me how many cards to you make a week.
  • Must be a follower
  • and.... You must share a smile with someone today..
That's it..
You have until:  November 11th 
A winner will be picked that weekend.

I have added to the giveaway.
Small but fun...

Thanks for stopping by
Good Luck


  1. On average I make probably 3 cards a week. Thanks for the heads up! :) And for sharing your goodies!

  2. Hi Annette...To tell the truth I'm a beginner and I don't make lot of card...but as you can see in my blog I create lots of things and these beautiful ribbons are perfect for a Christmas card!!!!!

  3. Hi Annette, I make about 5 cards a week on average. I'm a follower and I smiled at my mailman this morning. I'd love to win your giveaway. Thanks for offering.


  4. I wish I could make more cards and others than I do but I have not enough nice stuff to make with. So I hope I can win these wonderful threads and stamps. I need in them so much!
    Thanks for the chance Annette!
    Hugs. Hlora. xx

  5. Your one generous girl!! I make about 10-15 I'd say! Yikes... that's a lot!!
    P.S. the Yo Matey card below is cool!

  6. Anne... Thanks for the lovely giveaway... I can never pin point as to how many cards I make per week.. at times I've worked on almost 10 cards in a week.. and at times none.. All depends on my inspired mind... This week I have done nothing.. next week would be a brand new week and plan on making a few..

  7. Hi Annette -
    Thanks for your generosity!
    I sure could use those twines they are just the perfect colors too....
    Thanks for a chance to win them....
    My card making varies, if you check my posting I try to get at least 3 cards posted every day, so I'm going to say an average would be 15 - 18 cards per week..... Yes, I know that's alot that's what my hubby tells me.....

  8. On average, I probably make 5-6 cards per week, more for holidays of course. Thanks for a chance at these goodies!!

  9. i'm a follower! lvoe the giveaway!
    i probably make about 2 cards per week

  10. Hi Annette, What a lovely giveaway! I unfortunataly don't have time to make cards every week, although I wish I could be stamping all day every day! :-)

  11. I prob make about 4-5 - I'm more of a LO girl xx ty for the chance to win xx

  12. I make anywhere between 5 and 10 cards a week depending on my DT responsibilities and with Christmas coming, it'll be increasing.
    THanks for a chance to win some goodies. :)

  13. I probably make between three and six cards a week.

    Thanks for the chance to win some yummy candy.


  14. You are so generous Annette! The number of cards I make varies from week to week. I'd say that I average about 4 cards/week though. I HAPPILY follow your blog :)
    I shared MANY smiles today...and got many back in return :D

  15. Hi Annette! Thanks for sharing, you are so generous. Wow, I make about 5-8 cards per week. That's why I give so many away. I send lots of cards to people at church, family and friends, etc. I would so love to get my fat little fingers on these goodies.
    Also, I wanted to mention that Lora is giving away a $50 gift certificate to Simon Says Stamp. I don't know if you've seen that one yet. The link is on my sidebar. Thanks again for this awesome give-away. I hope you're having a great week.

  16. Hey there Annette. So sweet of you to share this lovely giveaway. Bakers Twine is awesome and I would so love to have a chance to win some. I make about 15 cards a week...if its a good week for me. Other then that I'm happy if I get at least 3 cards done. I am a follower.
    HUgs, Rosalee

  17. You are so sweet
    I usually make at about 3-4 cards to week
    tks for the chance to win!


  18. So sweet of you for this giveaway. It is about three cards on a good week. Sometimes only get to make one. A smile to share is that I had a great time with my kids at the pumpkin farm.

  19. Hi Annette. Very generous of you to share a giveaway. As I have a full time job in the information systems field and a mom, I can only make cards Friday night if I still have the energy till Sunday, around 3-4 cards.


  20. Hi Annette! I just came across your blog as you just entered your fabulous card after mine on the Moxie Fab! I make about 3-4 cards a week, but for many of the holidays I make about 15 for out of state relative and friends, since we can't spend the time together.

    Thank you for your blog! God Bless :)

  21. oops! Not Moxie Fab--Wee Memories! It's time for me to go to sleep!

  22. Hi Annette, what a nice giveaway. I make between 2-20 cards a week. Depends what I have going on, and gifts I need. Hugs

  23. Awesome giveaway Annette! Lets see... depends on the week and if there is a Paper Crafts call but I am going to go with 8 as an average! :)

  24. hi Annette,
    i usually make about 2 or 3 cards per week and sometime's none at all and it has a lot to do with the fact that i am busy most of the time with my 2 kids so it all depends on when i get any free time....
    thanks for this lovely giveaway:)

  25. Thnks Annette very generous giveaway. On an average i make 1 card per week.
    A simile to share is I had great time celebrating festival of lights diwali in India:)

  26. I don't post every card that I make, but usually average about 3 posts per week! I really love to see what everybody is creating it is such a wonderful group of 'friends' that we have here! Thanks for the fab giveaway, I always visit to see what you are up to, I really love your style!

  27. I don't post every card that I make, but usually average about 3 posts per week! I really love to see what everybody is creating it is such a wonderful group of 'friends' that we have here! Thanks for the fab giveaway, I always visit to see what you are up to, I really love your style!

  28. How SWEET of you to have a giveaway! I average make 3-4 cards a week (yikes!!)...it all depends. Always a delight to visit your blog, Annette!

  29. So sweet!

    Because the demands of life right now and other obligations I am average between 1 and if it's a good week 3. I wish I had time to craft all day! That would make me so very happy and would be pure bliss!

  30. Hey!!

    Eligibility Criteria for the giveaway is very cool... :) Here's my smile for you as well.. :) Anyways the candy looks awesome. I'm able to make about 2 cards a week because i'm working wih scrapbooks most of the time. :) Would love to hear from you.


  31. Awesome prize, Annette! Umm, depends, sometimes as many as 30 depending on if I have invitations to make. Most weeks somewhere between 3-5 cards and 2-4 pages. Hugs :)

  32. Hi Annette... first off you are AWESOME! Ok I don't make as many cards as I would like to. I have to make sure the kiddies and home are taken cared of first. But I find so much inspiration here!

  33. Hi Annette,

    Sadly not enough! I try to craft if I have a free weekend, but sadly I'm sure I average out at less than a card a week!

    Thankfully this weekend has been a free one so I've had time to make a huge batch of Christmas cards - hopefully it will bring up my average!

  34. what a sweet giveaway Annete!! I made 1 or 2 cards per week, always at weekend lol. I promise I will share a smile (: and thanks so much for the chance to win!! Fingers crossed :D

  35. Oh my goodness! It really depends on the week I'm having, lol! Anywhere from 1 to 12 cards, but usually around 4 to 5 :) I just love it SO much!!!
    I'm loving your creations, so happy to have found you through challenges!
    and thanks for the chance! A girl can never have too much twine to play with ;)
    hugs, margie

  36. I probably make 5 to 7 a week - sometimes more, sometimes less. Thanks for the chance to win and always leaving such sweet comments on my blog.

  37. Hi Annette..On an average i make 1 card per week.So sweet of you for this giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win

  38. Hi Annette... i probably make 3-4 a week... sometimes less. I'm new in this blog... so. hope i can win this giveaway... ahhahaa Thanks...

  39. I want to start creating more! I have so many interests and not enough time, lol. Thanks for the giveaway :)

    phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

  40. I'm afraid I don't make cards on a weekly basis but I do enjoy making my cards as opposed to buying them. It is a more personal touch.

  41. I'm sharing smiles by posting your giveaway on my blogsite and on FB

  42. and you are awesome!!! Thanks for sharing wonderful inspiration!

  43. woops, forgot - probably 4 I'd guess (-:

  44. On average in a normal week 2-4, so 3. But this time of year with holidays, birthdays and events more like 10+ cards lol but I love to make card so its good. Im a new follower. Thank you for the chance to win. oh, and I did share alot of smiles today, we had a card making crop earlier =)

  45. Although your posts popped up in my google reader I don't think I was an "official" follower. I fixed that now.

    Thank you for the chance to win these goodies!

    I make only 2-3 cards a week on average.

  46. Love your blog! Thanks for the giveaway, nice of you. Wow!
    This week so far I've made 39 and I'm not finished yet. Guess I'm on a roll. Love my new Stampin' Up Ornament Punch set.
    Thank you again!

  47. sono la 161 esima fans del tuo blog...sono italiana...ora faccio poche cards ho i bimbani piccoli e mi occupano molto...grazie mille

  48. Wow! I've never tried using the real bakers twine before, hope I win :)

    cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

  49. Love your sweet cards...they make me smile...and thanks for a chance at some "candy">>...love it!

  50. Hi Annette, This is my first time at your blog and I am loving it!
    In fact, you brought a smile to my face just enjoying your work. I make approximately 3-5 cards a week, sometimes more. I am a true stamp-a-holic and would really enjoying the wonderful items you are giving away- thanks for the opportunity for a chance to win!
    I just become a follower of you blog and look forward to seeing your creations in the future!!

  51. Great blog candy. Thanks for letting me know about it. Good luck on my blog candy.


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