Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just hanging out...

Hi everyone...well today I am just kicking back and doing a little housework.  I have also worked on a few cards for the open call for Paper Crafts.  If you are interested in the open call click HERE.

I thought I would also share this awesome website that sells craft stuff really cheap.  It is called Blitsy.  You have to sign up in order to view the deals but it is free and you earn points.  If you are interested CLICK HERE.

Other then that it is a quite day...see my dogs are having a nap...

LoLa is sleeping in my husband chair in my craft-room

Curtis loves the couch
Well time to put some clothes away and wash dishes.
Hope you all are enjoying your day.


  1. LoLa and Curtis are so CUTE!!

    Love from The Netherlands,

  2. I love those doggies! We can learn so much from them...sounds like a great of luck with the open call!

  3. Aren't they cute. I spent the day doing house work too. Never got to any crafting, now too tired. I'm laid back on the couch like a beached whale. Ha!! Hugs

  4. that is two cozy pups enjoying the good life. :) love your pillows.

  5. Hi ya! Cute puppy pictures:)

  6. So excited to be joining you on the TAWS DT Annette :) :) :)

  7. Lola is so sweet! Thank you for sharing, Annette!

  8. DOGS!
    Aw :) My baby loves to tuck herself into my bed...if you can't find her, she's right underneath the covers in there. Or smooshed in at my feet while I'm at my desk :) Your babies are so adorable!


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