Sunday, July 22, 2012

Good To Be HOME...

Good Morning everyone and Happy Sunday. I just got back home last night and had a great nights rest. I had the opportunity to meet lots of amazing people and so happy that I had the opportunity to share Some Odd Girls first CHA. Kristy did an amazing job planning and I had a great time getting to know her and Leah.  I also has the opportunity to work the booth for Love My Tapes. Jong is the VP and needed some help and I was happy to share my time. I worked for washi tape. Now that was a great paycheck...hehe.

So as promised here are a few fun photo's I took.. Hope you enjoy.
Just us Some Odd Girls.
Me, Kristy and Leah
Fun Paper Crafts Girls.
Teri Anderson, Susan Opel, Me and P. Kelly Smith
My sweet sweet Friend Elizabeth Allan
Penny Black Booth
The Lovely Alexandra and Me
She is so amazing.
My First Chicago Deep Dish Pizza..
mmmmmm it was so good.
Kristy and I
Me, Laurel Seabrook and Leah
Paradise Pup was hopping
My first Chicago Dog
Oh yeah it was oh so good.
Kristy ordered a Hamburger
How awesome is Kaylee...Kristy and Leah
working while I play..hehe
How awesome is the Some Odd Girl Booth.
Kristy did such a great job planning.
Me and the girls at Ruby Rock It

This lovely is designed by the oh so talented
Sandy Ang 
Amy Tangerine is just so sweet.
Ok everyone... as you can see I had such a blast. Thanks for letting me share with you all.  I hope to share more soon.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have an awesome fun Sunday.


  1. Aren't you the cutest?!!! Love the pics!!! Welcome home!!

  2. Welcome home, Annette! Love seeing your photos at CHA with the lovely and famous PC crew and blog friends (Alexandra and Elizabeth...!! So happy ( and jealous) that you got to go to CHA! HUGS to you!

  3. Great pics! Welcome home! You were missed, but it looks like you had a FANTASTIC time. I would work for tapes too!

  4. so fun! happy you got to go and meet so many awesome folks :) i'm itching to go to chicago just for that pizza and hot dog! lol

  5. welcome back! so happy to hear you had fun. great photos. :)

  6. Yea! TFS! LOVE your pics! So glad you had so much fun, and welcome back home!

  7. Thanks for sharing these, looks like you had an awesome time :0)
    Jenny x

  8. YAY! Annette, you are such a sweetie pie! What fun you had! Washi tape is an excellent paycheck! (just bought some more today!) Looks like a fantastic trip, glad you had fun! (love amy tangerine!!)

  9. Awesome pics Annette! Thanks for sharing your fun~what a blast!!!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing! It looks like a fabulous time! I live vicariously through you! :) How exciting! :)

  11. Welcome home Annette... I hope you did some awesome shopping.... Lovely pics with everyone..... Happy smiles :-)

  12. Great photos (although I look kind of dippy, LOL) I am so glad I got to meet you!

  13. Nice pics, looks like you had a nice time. Glad you made it home safe too.

  14. Looks like you had a blast! Welcome home! :)

  15. Awwwww....I'm honored to be in your post and in your life Annette even though our time together was way tooooo short!!!


  16. Looks like you had a fab time, Annette!

  17. I am so jealous!!! Looks like you had a whole heap of fun :D

  18. looks like a super time! great photos

  19. Welcome home :) Did you sleep at all? I don't know if I could! And man, getting paid in washi tape? YES PLEASE!

  20. Love your happy pics Annette. You got to meet so many great crafty people too. :)

  21. Annette you are the sweetest!! Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful hugs! Your smile and warm heart made this event extra special!

  22. Great pictures! You are so cute! :) I'm glad you had a good time.

  23. How fun! Thanks for sharing..almost makes me feel like I was there.

  24. Looks like you really enjoyed yourself, Annette! I'm glad for you, my friend. :)

  25. Looks like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing your photos!

  26. Welcome home my dear Annette!!!
    great craft experience and what a pleasure,spend time with friend!!!

    thank you for your photos!!!!!

  27. WOW that big SOME ODD GIRL is so COOL! It seems you had I good time!!

    Love from The Netherlands,

  28. Looks like you had a great time. TFS!


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