Monday, March 3, 2014

Head over Heels...

Good Morning everyone and welcome to another fun post for Crafter's Companion. Today this card is being featured on the Crafter's Companion Facebook page. Can you tell that I was feeling a little purple? You don't see much purple these days on crafts. Some would say it is a hard color to craft with but you know I think you just go for it. Why not. 

Today I am officially a housewife again. I will miss my co-workers but really do enjoy being home and keeping my house pretty. Now that I have a new home I have lots to do. We are just about done getting settled. Not many boxes left to unpack. We are now focus on getting our backyard deck done. We just had a fence installed. Just want to be ready for the Spring. 


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  1. Aw so huggable! Purples are my fave and I love using those colors on anything... I think they go very well on anything and with everything, LOL!

  2. Love it! Yea,for new house fun!!!

  3. So cute!
    Yeah, finally having time to unpack the boxes and make your new house a home!

  4. Too cute Annette! Love how you used the Purple!!

  5. What a sweet little bear with his bright purple heart! the colors look great on this! I scrolled down and saw your new craft room - how wonderfully clean and organized! and how nice that you can decide not to work and just enjoy crafting and your lovely new home Annette!!

  6. Cute as can be! LOVE the purple, Annette! Happy unpacking and getting settled! Hugs!

  7. Absolutely darling!
    Love it Annette ;)

  8. Being purple is better than being blue ha! I just did a Bday card for my Hubby and mixed it up with some dark purple ribbon and a touch of purple accent paper I was not sure about it at first but the more I looked at it the more I liked it and so did he so there you go. Have a wonderful day Annette!

  9. sweet. I like the card shape a lot! :)

  10. adorable :)

    sounds like you will be working more at home then you did in the office!! can't wait to see photos :)


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