Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Miss You...

Happy Day everyone... who's ready for Christmas? Do you fix a fancy dinner on Christmas? It is quiet at my house we just enjoy the day and normally will fix something special for dinner. I have not planned it yet. Although we might go to the Pirates Show Christmas night and they serve dinner. It is Christmas themed.

Have you put your Christmas stamps away yet? I have been slowly moving them to the back until next year. I do not get rid of Christmas stamps because I like to have a big selection. I am not really a duplicate design card maker. I try to make them all different each year. 

Driving bears oh yeah this is right up my alley. I just adore this set and we just happen to sell it at Drive By Crafts. Just click on the links below and it will take you directly to our store. YAY It could be a stocking stuffer.

Today I am getting crafty with....
That is all for today.
Thank you all so much for stopping by.

Have a wonderful day! 

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