Monday, April 16, 2018

Beach Time...

Well I seen a few of you had some snow recently... That is why I live in CA. I grew up in the snow but after you have lived in a beach city there is just no going back. My husband will read this and laugh because he has turned me into a sun girl. I love the beach and I used to not like it very much. The sand did not feel good to me because it just stuck to you like static and I did not find that amusing at all. Funny how things change. 

This weekend is my BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND yay me. I am going to be celebrating my 23rd anniversary to the most amazing husband ever and well my age is not important.. Let's just say I am getting younger. I started working backwards.  I will spend at least one day at the beach looking for seashells and I am going to the Zoo. I love the zoo. 

Needless to say you can see where I am getting my inspiration today. Just in time because this collection Sweet Summer by Doodlebug Design was just released and we have it at Drive By Crafts. OK seriously you need this collection it is so FUN. I love everything about it and it just so colorful. 

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  1. This is cute Annette! I'll take that beach time after all day rain yesterday and cold wind today brrr....!!

  2. This is such a cheerful card. I can't wait for summer weather. It's been a gloomy Spring so far. Happy Anniversary/Birthday!


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