Monday, April 9, 2018

God gave us Rainbows...

Happy Monday everyone.. did you have a good weekend? I sure did and this week is starting out just right. I love those types of weeks. I was in a colorful mood today so what better then to create a rainbow card. I love rainbows and the fact that they stand for a promise from God just makes them that much more perfect. Only God could create such beauty.

This card was another easy one. Just a little stamping and coloring and your all done. The hardest part was tying the bow and you know those are not hard. Simple and Sweet is how I roll.

I created this card using:
Enjoy your Monday.
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  1. This is delightful Annette! I haven't used this ME set in forever, you've inspired me with your cute card!

  2. Not only are your cards pretty to look at, the uplifting messages are good for the mind and soul. Thank you!


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