Wednesday, August 1, 2018

You Are Purr-Fect....

I was on a roll yesterday and made two cards. The first one was posted yesterday in case you missed it check out yesterdays posting and this was the second. I was going through some odds and ends die cuts that I keep just in case I want to use them later and well I came up with this DIFFERENT background. I know you might think hey that is cool or you might go the other way and say that is weird. I am really ok with both. I happen to think it is cool and weird. HAHA.. 

Why not right? I am a little weird sometimes and well this is what happens when I am. LOL 

I used the left over die cuts from the Sugar Pea Designs: Harlequin Cover die set and the images are from My Favorite Things: Happy Haunting stamp set. Conveniently we sell both at If you feel the need to have... LOL 

Just by changing up your background and using non-traditional colors you can make a card be whatever you want. These are actually Halloween stamps and I do not think my card looks Halloween at all. Use you stamp sets in different ways and get more usage out of them. That is the tip today. Who would have thought I would have tips to share. haha..

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  1. What a delightful background you've created for this little duo! Darling card Annette!

  2. I think the second card is not weird but well designed and cute. How clever of you to use the leftover pieces to make an entirely different card.


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