Monday, March 18, 2019

So Very Kind...

Hope you all have an awesome weekend. It was in the 80's here. Yes you read that right 80's.. I know right it went from being cold to really hot. But this week has already started off being cool out. This weekend my husband and I started redoing our master bathroom. People I am tell you now it is a lot of work. LOL But it is all worth it. We are not done yet but making progress. AND in case you are wondering we still have one more bathroom to go. That would make THREE bathrooms. I think I can say after totally remodeling the entire home that the bathrooms are my least favorite to work on.

Well now that my husband is back at work I get to rest today and make cards. LOL So this morning I created this Reverse Confetti: Patterned Hearts stamp and die set, Boo To You confetti cuts and the paper is also Reverse Confetti: Fun Times and Paper Bliss.

Don't you just love all these fun patterns on the paper? Patterned paper is just pretty and fun to create with. I might have a lot of pretty paper but who doesn't... RIGHT?

Well I know that I literally just typed that I am resting today but I still need to paint more trim so off I go.

Have an amazing day full of smiles.
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  1. Me, me I have a lots of PP!! You've used your perfectly on this delightful card. Good luck with your reno,. It's a lot of work but so worth it. Our master bath is on our list too!

  2. love all the pp :) enjoy the beautiful weather!!!


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