Friday, August 2, 2019

Thanks Friend...

YAY!! it is Friday. Who's ready for the weekend? I am but have nothing planned. I think it is just the thought of saying it is the weekend. My husband would say I am always on a weekend since I am a housewife. LOL

Today I created this card using The Stamp Market: Say Hello, Bows For You and Best Ever Greetings stamp sets. I have not used some of these stamp sets yet and they have been out for a while. They were left over from my online store. Might as well enjoy them right? 

I mixed a couple of the sets to create this sentiment. I stamped the bows with all Neon inks... Radiant Neon: Electric Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow and Coral... these inks are fantastic and hey they are NEON... yay for neon. I love it!

So yesterday I totally chopped my hair. It is now at my shoulders. I needed a little change and well chopping your hair is not always recommended when needing a change. LOL now I need some super hair growing pills to make it grow back. teehee... to be continued.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Such a bright and happy card! Love it!
    And we must have been sending each other vibes or something because I just chopped my hair off as well. To be continued is right! lol At least hair does grow back...but it's been mostly 'wear it in a ponytail, clip, and bobby pins' for me. lol Enjoy your weekend, my friend! Hugs

  2. How cute! I like all of the colorful polka dot bows!


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