Monday, November 25, 2019

Merriest Christmas...

Happy Monday everyone. Guess who put there Christmas tree up this weekend?........ ME, oh yes I did. I love CHIRSTmas and decorating for this special holiday is my most favorite. Mostly for what it stands for and you get to turn your house into a winter wonderland.

Now I am in the mood for CHRISTmas cards so here are a few that I created. I am all about simple cards when you plan on mailing out all homemade cards. No coloring for me just stamping and there are plenty of stamps/dies and stencils out there to do that. 

Do you like the non-tradional colors that I used?

You might be like the colors are different for Christmas but I have to say this is how colorful my house is right now. I go with all colors. The more the better.... well at least I think so.

Stencil, stamp, cut and adhere. It is that simple. AND again go wild with color. They are still full of the Christmas and I guarantee whom ever you send them to will love them just as much as a traditional card. 

If you wonder what I put in the inside well the main focus is God so I always give praise to him. Well that makes three cards, dang I got a lot of work ahead of me. Time to stencil, stamp, cut and adhere again. See ya later.....

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  1. These are lovely Annette. I like the softer colors you used!

  2. So sweet and pretty, my friend!
    I will be putting up our tree on Wednesday...or maybe tomorrow?! lol I'm not sure but it will be done before Thanksgiving. ;) And I need to get started on Christmas cards!! Ack!
    Enjoy your week! Hugs


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