Friday, May 19, 2023


YAY! it is Friday. Today I am cardstock crazy with Pink & Main colored cardstock.  I have been seeing all the colored paper designs on Instagram and thought I would give it try with P&M fun colored cardstock, so let's get started.

Card designed using Pink & Main: 

Create card from white cardstock A2 size.

Die cut the 6th smallest Layered Square die on white cardstock. Center the square and due double sided removal tape on the back and place it on your card base.

Cut lots of strips of the colored cardstock 1/4 wide. 

Start with adding some of Pink & Main adhesives sheets around the square. Do not put adhesive on the square part of card. We will use the square to link up the strips too. Peel off a section outside the square of the adhesive and start laying down your strips. Press down to make sure it sticks good. Keep rotating your card to create this fun pattern around the center square. 

Take out the square once your pattern is complete. Mask around the square and stencil the Celebrate design using The Makers Session Dauber Wand. This is great for using in small sections of stenciling. Once you have stenciled the square part of your card remove all the masking tape and add that die cut square again to the top of your stenciled celebrate design. This will help mask the design so we don't get any white ink on it.

Using the Celebrate stencil add this fun burst design around the square. Center it the best you can and use white ink and your Dauber Wand to add the ink. Remove the stencil and let your white ink dry completely. 

Repeat for the second card....

Lot's of fun colors and it really was super easy to create. It just look complicated but I know you can do it too. 

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Make sure to check out Pink & Main awesome colored cardstock. 

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