Monday, November 20, 2023

Christmas Cheer...

Happy Monday everyone. I am starting out my week with another fun shaker that I created using This Calls for Confetti. I LOVE the new Fa La La die and well I just can't get enough. So I created another card but in a different way.

Create card from white cardstock A2 size.

Cut a panel A2 size on white cardstock.

Pick some pinks, purple, green and red inks and use the Picket Fence Studios Pouncers. Start with one color at a time. Press the pouncer in the ink and then press it directly onto your white panel.  Do not roll around just press down and it will create a circle with the ink. Create a colorful background. 

Sprinkle Copic Opaque mixed with water on your colorful backgound.

Die cut the center of the card using the small square metal die that comes with the Square Shaker Pouch & Dies Starter Kit. Keep the die cut piece because we are going to use it as our background in the shaker.

Die cut the larger square from the Square Shaker Pouch & Dies Starter Kit and adhere the die cut small square onto the center of the large square.

Use some tear tape to adhere the Square Shaker Pouch to your colorful background. Put the tear tape around the die cut square on the back of the colorful background. Peel the protectant part and adhere the Square Shaker Pouch

Die cut the Fa La La metal die on white cardstock. Adhere the LA to the center of the square we are using for our shaker.  Now peel the protectant part of the adhesive on the Square Shaker Pouch and adhere your square background and enclose the shaker. Press firmly to the adhesive sticks.

Die cut the Fa La La again on Green, Purple, Pink and Red cardstock. Sprinkle with a little Copic Opaque and let dry. Once dry add some quick drying glue to the top of each letter and sparkle with some super fine glitter. Let dry completely and brush off access. 

Adhere the colorful Fa La La to the white Fa La La (this gives the letters a little dimension) and then adhere them to the card around the shaker.

Cut one of the Christmas Sentiment Strips and add it to your card. 

I love the shaker collections from This Calls for Confetti, it sure does make it easy to create shaker cards. So make sure to check out This Calls for Confetti online store. It is a new company and I know we all love to support new company startups.

Thank you for stopping by.

Have a wonderful and colorful day.


  1. What a cool card! So birght and happy!

  2. Oh Annette, your Xmas cards just keep getting better and better! I am so inspired...can't wait to see more!


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