Friday, May 31, 2024

Using Up Your Scrap Designer Paper...

Happy Friday blog friends.. I hope you all have something fun planned this weekend. I have a few things planned but will share later next week. I have been a busy girl again... nothing related to crafty, but will share soon. 

Do you have one of these.....

This is my drawer of scrap paper. Isn't pretty?  I told you before I do not throw away good paper. I a can think of lots of ways to use this paper and today is one of the ways. 

Create card from light blue cardstock A2 size. I used Taylored Expressions Salt Water Taffy. 

Cut a piece of white cardstock A2 size and sprinkle a few colors that you love mixed with water onto the paper. Set aside and let dry completely. 

This next step is little long but bear with me. Pick out at least 20 scraps of designer paper and cut a strip to 1/4 inch of each of these designs. Adhere these strips to a piece of white cardstock measuring 4 1/2 x 11. Adhere them the short way and not the long way. So left to right, one on top of the other using liquid glue. I should have taken a photo of this... sorry. You do not need to fill the paper to the top just fill enough so we can die cut the Taylored Expressions Easy Strips 1/4 Stitched die.. We will die cut from top to bottom so it picks up some of every design that we adhered down. You should be able to die cut twice on this sheet. 

Now let's adhere 4 of the strips on the white cardstock with all the sprinkles of color. Let's adhere them using foam tape. Trim off access. Trim down your white cardstock following the lines of the strips, leaving a bit of white still showing. The top and bottom have about a 1/2 inch of the white left. 

Adhere this fun panel to your card base. Of course it will be at an angle as that is the way we cut the paper. 

Adhere the rest of your designer strips to a piece of white cardstock. make sure it is big enough to cut a circle out of. I die cut the medium circle from the Pinkfresh Studio Fold Edge Circle. When die cutting make sure to die cut the circle on half of the designer paper and the other half on the white. This will give you a cool circle. BUT we are not done yet. Cut the circle in half along the line where the designer paper is at. Adhere the designer paper circle to the top of the white part of the circle leaving a hint of the white showing (see picture). I know sounds complicated but it really is not. 

Adhere your circle to the card using liquid glue. See placement in photo. 

Add a small sentiment to the card that is stamped on white cardstock ink black ink. I cut a little angle on the sentiment to is matches the angles on the card. 

That is it for today... what do you think? Is it weird or do you think it is cool like I do? This should give you a good idea how my brain works... LOL 

Have a blessed weekend.
Thank you so much for stopping by. 

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  1. I think it's cool... maybe I'm weird too LOL!! Fun card, Annette!


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