Thursday, January 18, 2018

I Choose You!...

Counting down the days when I am on the road to Creativation. It starts on Saturday and I look forward to checking out all the new stuff for my online store Drive By Crafts. It almost feeling like going on a big shopping spree. Bonus that I get to see lots of my bloggy friends. So if you are going and I don't see you and you see me please say hi.

This will be my last card until next week. I love lots to do tomorrow like pack. LOL In case you have not noticed I am already thinking about Valentines. Hearts... love and pretty color sign me up.

I created this card using:

Now it is time to think of what color to paint my nails. Got to have a fun color on your nails right? I paint my nails almost every night. YUP every night you might think I am a little crazy but to be honest I was a nail bitter until I was 40. The hard part was letting them grow and now I find that if they are painted pretty colors I leave them alone. Weird I know but it works. So if you bite your nails think about this.. it worked for me.

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  1. This is so sweet!
    And I wish I were going! lol Maybe one day...Have a fun time, my friend! :)

  2. So, so, so, cute! I tried to purchase that stamp set when it first came out but it was out of stock. I guess I'll try again because your Valentine card is just so adorable that I really NEED it now.

  3. Super cute and perfect colors!


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