Friday, April 20, 2018

Hero Arts... Paper Flowers

Happy Friday everyone.. Today I am in a flower mood. I used to make these YEARS ago and when I seen this new Hero Arts: Fiesta Fringe die it reminded me of them. So here I go again making them. They are great for decorating or you can also make paper flower arrangements with them. One year when I was working I made these for a bunch of ladies at work for mothers day. Then they wanted them for there mothers and well lets just say I made some good money making them. I wish I had some pictures of them.  

They are so simple to make. I used scrap pieces of designer paper and no need to be picky about the colors because whatever you combine they are just pretty.

This die does not cut the ends so just take some little scissors and finish the cut. It does not take long. Put the tape all along the bottom for a more solid flower. Would not want them to come apart. 

Well what do you think? I love making them and they are so easy. Just wrap the paper in a circle over and over and over and then fluff the paper out and ta da you have a pretty paper flower.

Supplies used:
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  1. Cool, I haven't seen that die.....what a great idea. Did you put them on stems? Thanks for sharing another way to use up paper scraps.

    1. Lynn, I will put stems if I use them in a flower bouquet. :) thanks for the comment. hugs

  2. Annette, I love them! Did you put tape all along the bottom or just a piece at the end? Also, do you connect multiple pieces together?

    1. Hi Jana.. thanks for the sweet comment. Yes I put the tape all along the bottom to make sure it stays together and is solid.


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