Monday, May 14, 2018

RAWR means...

Happy Monday... it is a great day the CA weather is just perfect. The ocean breeze is flowing into my windows and it is just a peaceful day. I love starting my weeks out this way. I just hope the weather stays this nice. Well I really can't complain we never really get over 80 here. 

Today I am getting crafty with Lawn Fawn. I love mixing sets together and well this is what I came up with today.

I created this card using:
All that is listed can be purchased at Drive By Crafts. Just click on the links provided. Lots and lots of Lawn Fawn goodies today. Why not right? they are just cute. New Lawn Fawn release coming soon. Drive By Crafts will carry the new release. 

Have a great day.
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  1. Are you kidding? This is just too cute!

  2. Love the plaid mountain tops and grass. This card makes me happy.

  3. This gave me a giggle because Penelope has been playing dinosaur and roaring all week LOL! This is cute!


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