Sunday, October 22, 2023

Bow Tag...

Happy Happy Sunday everyone... I am back to Christmas and boy o boy I LOVE this new Spellbinders All Occasion Bow die that just came out. It is perfect for a card or you can even create a bow tag where it opens and you can write your special message and place it on a gift. I will be making a few of these, I can't wait to decorate my gifts with these. 

Supplies used: (by the way you can click on my supply list and it will take you to the product) 

No need to create a card base today...

Die cut the base of the bow twice, which means you are going to want 4 of each design. Two each on designer paper and two each on white cardstock.

Die cut the center of the bow 4 times using white cardstock.

Adhere the designer bow together first. Start with the top part of the bow and each of the polka dots strips on each side of the upper part. Repeat for the lower half.

Adhere the bow together using liquid glue. Take that center piece that we die cut 4 times on white cardstock and adhere the upper part to the back of it. You will see in the picture how the center is white. 

Now take the lower half and adhere it to the back of the top piece. You can lay the ribbon lower half how ever you like because the backside will line up with you put that part together. 

Now take the white two larger piece of the bow and score them at the top at least a 1/4 inch each. Now adhere the upper part of the white bow together just like the first one. 

Add adhesive ONLY to the scored top part of the white bow and adhere the designer bow to that. Make sure and line it up. You don't want the back of the bow to show until you open it.

Now flip the entire bow over and line up the white ribbons that hang to the designer bow but only adhere to the white bow. Do not place anymore glue to the designer bow.

When you open the bow you will see the white bow, where you can write your message. The score lines allow you to open the bow.

Die cut the Spellbinders: Petite Blooms and Sentiments on the colors of your choice. I tried to stick to my color theme. I say the more color the better... right? Create a little floral scene that you will love and then adhere the sentiment tag to finish. 

I know it seems like a lot of steps but it really is easy to put together. The hardest part was writing how to put it together.. LOL I don't know if you will understand... but hopefully you love it as much as I do.

Oh one more thing.. if you see a few more added sprigs in my design that is because I had them in a little bin that was extras and I figured why not. 

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Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Now that's a bow! This is terrific, Annette. Those little sprigs you added were perfect!


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